What Are the Common HOA Board Responsibilities in South Jersey?

What Are the Common HOA Board Responsibilities in South Jersey?

Do you live in an HOA community, but don't really understand what the board does? Many residents love living in HOA neighborhoods and taking advantage of numerous amenities, such as fitness rooms and swimming pools. None of these things would be possible without the hard work of an HOA board.

This blog will discuss the primary roles of the HOA board. You might find this information useful if you're considering running for a position on the board or want to learn more about your community.


The HOA president is one of the top leadership roles on the HOA board. One of their primary duties is overseeing the process of decision-making. Other tasks they're in charge of can include:

  • Liaising between community association management companies and the board
  • Presides over HOA meetings
  • Signing authority on HOA bank accounts
  • Enforcing community regulations and rules

The president needs to be well-versed in the operations, bylaws, and regulations of the association. They also need to create open lines of communication with the people living in their community.

Vice President

The vice president needs to step in if the HOA president is unavailable. Some of the reasons they might need to act as the president can include if they're:

  • Sick
  • Out of town
  • On a leave of absence

They provide additional support to the president and take duties off their plate. The president can delegate some of their tasks to them. The vice president needs to be educated on the HOA rules so they can address any of the resident's concerns.


The HOA secretary manages most of the administrative paperwork and documentation for the board. Since they're responsible for recordkeeping, they also need to ensure the board stays compliant with various legal requirements. Some of these duties can include:

  • Submitting forms before their deadlines
  • Giving proper notice of all board meetings
  • Recording the meeting minutes
  • Distributing documents to the board members
  • Review official documents

The board secretary is the main point of contact for official written correspondence between HOA members and the board. They'll need to record any questions/comments given by community members before giving them to the board.


HOA board treasurers oversee the association's fiscal health. Other tasks they work on include:

  • Assisting with the budget process
  • Reviewing the monthly financials
  • Compiling financial reports to present to the board
  • Signing association checks
  • Approving expenses

Treasurers need to comply with the regulations and laws surrounding the HOA's financial operations. They have to let the board know the details surrounding the HOA's financial status. The treasurer is responsible for ensuring the community sticks to any proposed budgets.

Get Assistance Running Your HOA Board in South Jersey

Serving on an HOA board is a major responsibility. It can be challenging to know how to properly take care of your community. That's why it's essential you partner with an experienced property management company that offers HOA services.

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