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Turning an Open House from Drab to Fab

PMI Sojay Property Management - Friday, November 16, 2018
Property Management Blog

Open houses are a necessity -- they’re an important part of generating interest in your property and selling it in a timely manner. But let’s be honest, people attend plenty of open houses, and you’ve conducted plenty more. So how can you prevent your open house from blending in with the rest? Create a bigger blip on a buyer’s radar with a few painless steps...

1. Create warmth.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, this is an especially cozy touch. By adding some soft, cheery music playing in each room and a few simple decorations, a house transforms into a home. Try to keep the decorations neutral, avoiding any religious commentary. Think sparkly lights, snowy pine trees, and little gingerbread men.

With these touches, potential buyers or renters can picture themselves living there. Just remember not to tarnish their vision with personal items -- family photos and other personalized trinkets can hinder their view. Keep the decorations pretty but impersonal.

2. Stay bright.

Light, light, and more light. Open the windows. Turn on every light. Keep the space feeling fresh, light, and airy. A dark, dreary house is the last place most people want to visit, let alone live. A brighter approach brings some happiness into the air and elevates the warm feeling even more. This simple detail makes the home feel much more open and inviting (and can even make tight spaces appear larger and more spacious).

3. Let them eat cake!

No, seriously. Pick up a small assortment of sweet treats from a local bakery, and plate them nicely for guests to munch on. No need to buy out the whole shop, but present a fair amount with a little bit of variety. If they choose to buy or rent, it certainly won’t hurt to know a great dessert spot before they even move in. Plus, you never know who’s touring the house on an empty stomach -- a treat might make a lasting impression.

These aspects might seem miniscule, but the little things could separate your property from the other countless properties a person has visited in the past month. Set yourself apart from the rest, and appealing to potential residents will be a breeze.

At SoJay Property Management, we put forth the detail that can bring you the extra mile. For your property management needs, contact owner Kathy Mulholland today at or 856-686-5900.