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Three Ways Technology Can Help Your HOA

PMI Sojay Property Management - Friday, December 7, 2018
Property Management Blog

77% of Americans now can call themselves a smartphone user, according to a 2016 Pew Research Study. This news shouldn’t come as a shock -- one look at the world around us shows that we rely on technology in every aspect of our lives. In some way or another, technology spills into even the most unexpected facets of our daily routine. Without it, we would be lost.

So why make things any different in your HOA?

There are plenty of ways to marry your HOA with technology to create a cohesive, convenient system both for you and your community. Here are three simple tactics to accomplish this goal…

  • Applications.

If you’re one of the 77% of smartphone users, you’re probably pretty familiar with apps. Now, with apps for phones, tablets, and laptops, software developers are making it even easier to connect people near and far. By finding apps that work well to provide the services you need, you and your residents have simplicity at your fingertips.
In the next two tactics, we’ll delve into the apps that have worked wonders for us.

  • Integration.

With apps and software, integration becomes straightforward. SoJay uses TOPS [ONE] to maximize efficiency. With TOPS, we have the ability to put necessities like payments, forms, documents, and more all in one place that members of our community can access once they log in. Their private information is kept secure, and they can access it all in one place -- where board members can easily keep up-to-date with the homeowners.
No more running around searching for the things you need. Simple access with a few clicks. This is crucial. Because of their hectic schedules, people nowadays like to spend as little time on their tasks as possible. If they can access their information more efficiently, processes become less of a chore.

  • Communication.

Last but far from least. Communication is vital in everything we do and all the ways we engage. By keeping people in your HOA informed and updated on all necessary items, any negative incidents can be avoided, and people stay much more pleasant.

We use ComWeb to get the job done, a software which not only allows us to integrate but is also a communication pro. ComWeb is perfect for allowing communication between board members and homeowners, as well as among homeowners themselves. E-blasts, announcements, and alerts keep residents in the know. Message boards allow residents to communicate with each other. Both capabilities are vital for a connected community.

In these ways and many more, technology can become your partner rather than a meaningless afterthought. Why not use something we all have as a tool to further your business? At SoJay Property Management, we work to use all of our assets to the fullest. For more information, contact owner Kathy Mulholland today at or 856-686-5900.