Sustainable Property Management: Eco-Friendly Practices for Commercial Properties

Surveys conducted in 2020 showed that over half of American adults across the political spectrum wanted more protective environmental policies. These policies included things like planting trees and taxing businesses for polluting.

You don't have to be a politician to make a difference. Suppose you own an apartment building or are the head of an HOA. Sustainable property management can keep your tenants happy and help the environment.

These practices could make tenants happier and help them feel like they're contributing. We'll discuss some environmentally friendly policies you could implement here.


It might not seem like much, but a recycling policy can do a lot of good for a commercial property. In 2018, the total impact of recycled and composted products in the US was equal to 193.26 million metric tons of greenhouse gases. That's a lot of pollution to stop.

The US is still throwing away too much, but we're recycling more each year. As a commercial property owner, you can put your own recycling policies in place. Every little bit helps.

Replacing Appliances

Continued HOA growth relies on the efficient use of water. You can't rent out homes without water, so you need to use water efficiently This gets much harder when you consider South Jersey's laws and codes.

The HOA is responsible for keeping track of the laws and making sure their building is up to code. Eco-friendly property management often means going above and beyond the legal minimum to make everything truly sustainable.

The toilets are a great example of this. Federal law mandates that toilets built after 1992 can use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The plumbing world has made a few innovations since then, and new toilets use 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Water bills are usually the landlord's responsibility, so installing new toilets could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Upgrading Lights

LED lights became popular right after 2000 when Al Gore brought climate change to the forefront. The reason for this has to do with energy use. Halogen bulbs use energy for heat and light, while LEDs don't produce heat. This allows them to create light while using less energy.

The HOA makes rules that govern a property's tenants, so you could make a rule that tenants must recycle or use LED lightbulbs. The energy saved by LED bulbs leads to lower electric bills, and that's good news whether you own a home or live in an investment property.

No matter how you handle property maintenance, we can help.

A Guide to Sustainable Property Management

Sustainability is the way of the future, and sustainable property management can help you embrace that future. Sustainability is one part of property management, though. You can learn more by reading our blog.

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