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PMI Sojay Property Management - Tuesday, January 30, 2018

We are moving forward into 2018 and a new year. We relocated into a new office and added people to the team.

Meet Jessica our office manager and Kirsten our Marketing Intern from Rowan University.

We thank all our clients for choosing SoJay Property Management to look after your investment.

We have learned a lot over the past 18 months about our customers, the marketplace in South Jersey, our competition, and pricing. But most important, we have learned that in our overly disconnected, disenfranchised, nobody wants to have a conversation world, people are still people and being honest, competent and responsive pays off with owners and tenants.

Resident retention is important. Taking a proactive and friendly position throughout the course of the year creates customer loyalty. Residents, who are frustrated with poor maintenance, lack of follow up and poor communication moves with a 30-day notice. Reducing turnover has the potential to save a property thousands of dollars in expenses. In addition to the rent loss from a vacant apartment and advertising costs, consider the time for the maintenance team to complete the turnover process preparing the apartment for the new move in.

We will continue to grow in the residential and HOA markets. Next, we move into commercial. You will always receive trustworthy, knowledgeable and reliable property management from us.

If you are looking for residential, HOA or commercial Property Management, be assured that we care, and your best interests are our primary focus.

We Make Property Management Manageable because straightforward, proficient and reliable property management isn’t expensive - it’s priceless!!!

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